TeraFlex 401K


TeraFlex offers a 401K Retirement Plan for all of its employees. TeraFlex will match up to 5% of employees contributions. Additionally there is a ROTH feature available with the 401K program as well. Please see the Plan Highlights for additional details. 

401K Website

Enrollment Form


Account Rep Info

Alex Gunn
Retirement Consultant
[email protected]

Enrollment and website help: 1-800-878-5220
Spectra Retirement Team: 1-801-274-401k


Do you want to more educated about how to save for retirement? 

If so, check out Spectra's Education Section on their website. On this page there are many educational articles to help you educate your self with investing and financial planning. 


Not sure if you should invest in a Traditional or ROTH 401K? 

Check out this link and watch the video to help you understand the pros and cons of both options.